The self-service corner is available all day, the coffee is dark and steamy, the tea is hot and the flavoured waters are cool and thirst-quenching. There are also biscuits and sweets if you want a quick snack. The bar opens at 6pm. You can have a wine or lean against the bar while your negroni is being made, the marbled counter, in pleasant contrast with the wood and the colour of the walls, makes this place really special.  Only the window separates you from the city, the sunlight filters through the leaves of the ficus benjamina plant, allowing a pleasant warmth to infiltrate the air. 

The breakfast room is just a few steps away, just follow the smell of coffee to find the buffet that is available from 7:00 to 10:00am. Hot and cold food is served alongside pastries and fresh fruit. There are eggs, cold meats and cheese, pancakes, cakes and croissants prepared by our trusted bakery. The coffee is fresh, we grind coffee beans every morning just like in your favourite local cafe, the milk is cold and there is no shortage of dairy-free alternatives.